That Other Space Presents

Queerrot's Diary

as part of Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival (June 20-28, 2020)

extended until Friday July 10, 2020

That Other Space is delighted to present Queerrot's Diary, a meta-performance created for the Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival ↗ (June 20-28, 2020 extended until Friday July 10, 2020). Told through the mediums of performance art, video art, internet art, and photography, Queerrot's Diary follows the story of the queer mime Queerrot and a superfan whose adoration and obsession gives way to harrassment and predatory behaviour.

Whilst this story is fictional, there are sadly all too many similar stories occurring in real life on a daily basis. If you think someone might be stalking you, harrassing you, or showing signs of predatory behaviour, please contact your local law enfourcement and ensure that you tell a close friend or family member. You shouldn't have to put up with it and shouldn't feel ashamed or alone. Most importantly, be careful what you share online, you don't know who's reading it.

Video Archive

Play with Queerrot

Play the Play with Queerrot ↗ online game!

The Artists

Artist duo Joshua Evan ↗ and Antonis Sideras ↗ have been collaborating in making video art since 2014. Evan is a Sydney born lens-based artist who is influenced by the role technology plays in our everyday lives, and Sideras is a Cyprus born queer performance artist working with queer visibilities as means of resisting phobic behaviours. The two artists come together to investigate the experimental nature of the internet and video performance through marrying Evan’s lust for technology, with Sideras’ critical thinking.