That Other Space Press

art zines, pamphlets, ephemera

Independent publisher of art and writing. Collaborating with a small cohort of artists to explore concentrated storytelling and personal manifestos through zines, pamphlets, and other experimental formats.

Recent Publications


Mortician's Pride by Antonis Sideras

“If you were to ask a mortician what they value the most, what would they say? I imagine it would be the mortality of human kind.” This collection of writings and images captures the queer little ways our mortality influences our thinking, our life experiences and the way we look at our time in this world. First edition of 50 copies / 28 print pages / full colour / A5 (5.8” x 8.3”) / saddle stitched

Digital Zine

Of Forgotten Dreams by Joshua Evan and Leanne Staples

This digital zine is a companion to the experimental film ‘Of Forgotten Dreams’ by Joshua Evan and written by Leanne Staples. It contains 29 pages featuring 24 images by Joshua Evan and the written piece 'to be may' by Leanne Staples.

Digital Zine

an abbreviated spectacle by Leanne Staples

The mind is a curious arena of interpretations and miscommunications. What takes place in the outer world and the inner world don’t always agree. Sometimes the imagination is more interesting, though not necessarily less truthful. This is a digital zine with a series of 15 painterly images and a corresponding written piece.


comme d'habitude by Leanne Staples

comme d'habitude ("as usual") is about the relationship of two people thinking in unison in a world in which they are seen as outsiders. It imagines a carefree existence whether in this world or in another, in which we can still dream and in which we have the ability to fully live outwardly who we are and without judgement. This is a first edition of 50 copies. There are 7 photomontage reproductions and an accompanying written piece. It is a 24 page, saddle-stitched publication and it measures 5.8" x 8.26"