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For Friday, November 27, 2020



Hacker. What does the word mean to you? Chances are, whatever it means to you, it means just the opposite to the person next to you. Isn’t that curious? A video portal into hackerdom that helps explain why hacking is one of the most important phenomena of global culture and politics in the late 20th and early 21st century.

What Is Fear? Thessaloniki Queer Art Festival

Through a series of online interventions, TQAF 2020 aims to offer the opportunity for underrepresented LBGTQIA artists, writers and activists from across the Balkans and other selected regions to reveal their practice to a spectating audience from 20-28 June, 2020. This year, TQAF will be showcasing selected works, performances and workshops digitally.


Today you are an anstronaut. You peer through the window, watching life's fleeting moments. Fragments of Youtube videos, mostly unseen by anyone, but you.

The Julia Stoschek Collection: Time-based Art

The Julia Stoschek Collection is an expansive collection of time-based art spanning film, video, sound, performance, and computer and software-based works. Over the coming months the collection is being uploaded and made accessible online.

AI Weirdness

The sometimes hilarious, sometimes unsettling ways that machine learning algorithms get things wrong.

Do Not Draw a Penis

Who teaches Artificial Intelligence morals? The Amsterdam-based studio Moniker created this game to highlight the dilemmas of automated censorship (hint: keep drawing penises)


302_Redirect is a multi-disciplinary showcase of work created and curated by students of the Royal College of Art Contemporary Art Practice course. Made in immediate response to their own exploratory practices, amidst the newly pressing and uncertain techno-spherical art world, the originally physical exhibition has temporarily redirected itself into the virtual realm, for a 4-week durational series of online events, exploits and exposés.


A monthly online festival of films from around the world.

Unavoidable Disaster

Unavoidable Disaster is a web zine with an old skool punk aesthetic. There's some really cool work in here - be sure to click on the various images!

Le Cinéma Club

Le Cinéma Club is a uniquely curated streaming platform screening one film every week, for free. Available for seven days to all visitors globally, selections vary in genre and length, with special attention given to short formats.

Book as Exhibition

Book as Exhibition is an alternative space to exhibit artworks and allow artists to create, document uncertainties and engage in dialogues across nations through the medium of book.

A Certain Number of Things

An erratic radio show for sound as artistic expression. What is certain in number, is uncertain in form.

Quiet, Calm, Staring

Upstream Gallery presents Quiet, Calm, Staring (April 10-24); an online exhibition of internet art by 13 artists, curated by Rafaël Rozendaal.

Functionally Dead – A Leftist Comedy Zine

The inaugural issue of Functionally Dead, a political comedy zine with a leftist twist in available to read online.

The Theater Years – New York City Players

The experimental theater company New York City Players have made full-length production videos from over 20 years of theatre-making available online, including seminal works such as Good Samaritan and Ode to the Man Who Kneels.

The Social Distancing Festival

A site that celebrates the work of artists who have had shows or presentations cancelled due to the need for social distancing caused by COVID-19

Souvenirs from Earth

Souvenirs from Earth is worlds first contemporary art cable TV channel, broadcasting contemporary art films 24/7 across Germany and France, with a livestream viewable on their website.

FVU Films

Film and Video Umbrella are making available a selection of their commissioned films to watch for free on their website.

BFI Free Collection

The BFI (British Film Institute) has a large collection of films, documentaries, comedies, etcetera available to watch for free on their website.